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Feng Shui Services

Energy Clearing of Homes: Cost: $100 per building
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If you would like your home energy cleared, please contact Paula to set a date. Payment must be made prior to the date and Paula will give a short report after the clearing.

The energy can be cleared from a distance as easily as onsite.


Paula no longer does onsite work, but is able to clear energy of homes anywhere in the world. All that is needed is an address. Permission of the occupant must be given if the clearing is a gift for someone else.

The energy of a place holds memories of the past, as we do. These memories may be held in the space, the air inside the building, or in the building materials themselves.


Either way, they can affect the consciousness and lives of occupants for good or ill. Strong or ongoing negative emotion can be particularly troublesome. Sensitive people may feel the atmosphere as heavy, unclear or unpleasant, and over time the emotional state or conflict from the past can often be recreated in the mind or life of the occupants.


In a family it may affect some more than others, and even the family pet. Loyal dogs may take on negative energy to protect their owners, and may even become very ill from doing so. When the energy of the home is cleared, the mental or physical health of those affected may improve dramatically. They are free to be themselves rather than being dragged down by invisible influences.

Of course in cases where the history of the home has been happy, this can benefit the occupants and their pets, and there is then no need for clearing.

Some energy clearing cases...

An artist was unable to paint and had unexplained feelings of guilt.

Once the energy was cleared he was back painting until late at night and had no further need to visit a psychologist. The guilt had been in the space and did not belong to him.

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