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Are we Human?

This morning I was thinking about how different the world might be if we all knew that we, as beings, were eternal and infinite; and that the earth and our bodies were finite and temporary. Maybe we would value nature more and consume less. Maybe we would not bother to fight each other over territory or resources.

Maybe we would not rush as we do, to achieve, possess and experience, often clambering over others in our quest, knowing we have forever to do so.

Language itself often gives us clues to the truth. We are called ‘human beings’. Why not just ‘man beings’? The word Hu represents God in Sufism. In the Eckankar religion Hu is regarded as the sound of the soul. In ancient Egyptian times Hu was a creator god – one of the essential forces in the creation and continuance of the cosmos. I just did a little research (thank you Google) and found ancient Africans, Asians, Europeans and First Nation Americans all called God Hu. The Druids, Tibetans and Celts associated that sound with cosmic breath, spirit and soul. This site is informative - scroll down a bit to find it:

So it seems, based on this and numerous demonstrations of our power and our continuance after death, that there is far more to us than these fragile and short term bodies we wear. And that essential part of us can never be lost, no matter what happens to the body or possessions. We are indeed god-men. Maybe if we all knew that, we might create peace here on Earth.

After all, when you know you already have and are everything, what is the point of fighting over scraps?

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