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The Feng Shui Age of 9 is Now!

We are entering an exciting time of change that happens once in every 20 years, according to the ancient discipline of feng shui, which takes time, space, direction, elements and many other factors into account,

In the flying stars astrological system, certain influences (stars) affect our world in various cycles of time. Every two hours there is a change, every year, every 20 years and every 60 years. These changes are implemented via the 5 element system, consisting of water, wood, fire, earth, and metal. Each element is represented by certain colours, materials, numbers and qualities. Each one also affects certain parts of the human body and members of the family. And, like us, each one has a beneficial side and a detrimental side. These different aspects will express depending on whether or not the element is supported by the current time cycle and environmental factors. (The numbers involved in this system do not correlate with numbers in western astrology, or numerology.)

It is a little complex, but the point I am making is quite simple: after 20 years in the Age of 8 (2004-2023), we are moving into the Age of 9 (2024-2043), which will affect many areas of our lives, individually and collectively.

Back in the Age of 7, when I first studied feng shui, the Age of 9 seemed unimaginably far away. In terms of the human body, 7 relates to the mouth, and indeed, good advertising and smooth talk took many prominent people a long way during that time. It also landed a few of them in the newspaper headlines and litigation or prison when they were caught out as fraudsters!

So what will the Age of 9 be about? The number 9 in this system relates to fire and the eyes. It also relates to middle-aged women, as opposed to 8, which related to young men, many of whom prospered (or caused trouble to some) over the past 20 years. Therefore it is forecast that during this time many mature women will rise to hold prominent positions such as CEOs, politicians and leaders in various fields. This pattern of change is already evident, with the leaders of many countries, companies and boards now being women.

Worldwide there may be problems with fire – again a pattern already becoming more established, possibly due to climate change. Electricity is also of the fire element, and it seems we are headed for a primarily electrically powered age, with electric cars, and less fossil fuel usage.

Fire also represents the intellect as well as the eyes. It is likely that various secrets or currently hidden facts will come to light and be seen by many. There may also be more eyesight problems, which may not be too surprising given the hours of screen time common now. Virtual reality headsets, and AI will also be supported by this age.

Number 9 also has to do with aviation – it is associated with a bird, and flames rise into the air, so we may well see new sorts of airborne technologies. Already drones are commonly used in warfare. Parcels are delivered by drone too. Maybe the era of the air taxi is on its way? Space travel and exploration has again recently become a priority for several governments and companies.

Although theoretically the Age changes in early February of 2024, the signs are all there that it has already changed, and in his informative short video here Master Raymond Lo explains how this is possible.

I have certainly noticed the changes in my life and the need to change décor in my own house, to support the elements differently. So if you feel a sudden urge to change things at home or work, this may be why, and it may well be wise to follow your intuition. If you are drawn to a new indoor plant somewhere, or a vase of greenery, your intuition may be telling you where your water dragon or mountain dragon now reside - the number 9's in your house. Fire is fed by wood and plants represent the wood element. If you support your dragons well, they will support you.

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