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Our Changing Reality

What strange times we find ourselves racing into! Our societies and families are divided into those who see and sense hidden undercurrents, stumbling democracies and intentional chaos, and those who don’t. We are faced with new terms such as ‘misinformation’ and ‘disinformation’ (can anyone explain the difference?), and national traumas which seem to spring agilely from one part of the world to another. Our old systems of economy, religion, health, government, news media, education and even gender seem to be flailing.

And, in the midst of all this turmoil, quiet fresh new sprouts are growing. Terms such as ‘the New Human’ and ‘New Earth’ have joined Jean Houston’s decades-old ‘Jump Time’ ­­­- the the time she foresaw when humanity would make a leap of

consciousness, into ways of understanding and living hitherto undreamt of.

In my first channelled book, the Pleiadians suggested a powerful way to create the world we want to live in, would be to visualize it regularly. Since the mid 90’s, when I received this information, it has become quite widely understood that this is indeed the way to create change, and many people and groups are now following this method. One example is Pam Gregory, the English astrologer, who encourages people all over the globe to visualize the ‘New Earth’ they would like at 7pm UK time for 15 minutes.

In 2002, Peter Erbe, late author of the highly acclaimed book God I Am, was working with me to publish my first book - The Way Home. To my dismay he told me it was too short and I needed to channel more from the Pleiadians. Although I did not have the Pleiadians on tap, many pages issued forth. They were a different energy from the first book, all relating to the same topic: how to adjust to the fast-changing and unprecedented times we are in right now. They were eventually published in 2022 as Riding the Change. So many people have expressed appreciation for how this deceptively simple book has helped them, that I thought I’d share a short chapter with you here:


Opening up to a new reality

Before you build sandcastles you must wet the sand, or it will crumble back into a shapeless pile. So it is with your own reality. There must be an agent to help it cohere. We will explain: When your current reality has become outdated, and it is time for a new one to be formed in your life, this new one must have something to latch on to, in order to be sustained. Now there are two points to understand here. Firstly, the ‘new’ reality will not actually be new at all – it will merely be uncovered, or discovered. It has been there all along, but your blindfolds would not allow you access to it. Secondly, unless you avail yourself of the opportunity to perceive afresh, this ‘new’ reality will fade back into your background and again become obscure, like the collapsed sandcastle. So the new reality, in a sense, must find fertile ground in your conscious being, to grow and prosper. This may sound rather mystifying to most of you, who have not yet reached this stage. It is information you may need later, and later it may make more sense. (Author's note: please remember this was channelled over 20 years ago, when many had not yet 'reached that stage'.)

Dropping the Blindfold

As you develop through the many experiences you create for yourselves, you will gradually be unravelling your blindfolds and seeing more of what is. This will happen to you all, as this is the evolutionary stage you have now reached. However, in order to sustain the gains you make, you will need certain attributes, otherwise you may well find yourselves slipping back and going round in unnecessary circles. These attributes will be the water in the sandcastle of your new reality. Let us examine them.


The first one is openness. Circumstances may conspire to give you a glimpse of reality from time to time, but unless you have an open attitude, you will not be able to hold onto these glimpses for long, for your old patterns will insist on re-establishing themselves. An open attitude means an attitude based in the present, not the past. It means an attitude which sees clearly without judging; which is flexible enough to re-align and learn without resistance. An open attitude is one devoid of fixed expectations, which are limiting. An open attitude is one open both to circumstances, and to yourself and your potential. If you see yourself as limited, you may be unable to integrate the new less limited vision of reality into your life, and may cause yourself so much conflict that you eventually sacrifice the vision for the sake of peace.


The second type of water needed for your sandcastle is trust. We have not yet spoken of trust, but it is one of the most desirable traits for you to develop, as you will need it always in the coming days – even more than you have needed it in the past. Trust involves a certain surrender; a giving up of the notion of having complete control. It means allowing destiny to take its course without too much interference, and certainly without worry. Trust, like openness, must be directed towards the self as well as the outer circumstances, for it to be useful. To trust is to know that all will be well, regardless of how things seem at the time. This is ultimately always so, in the greater scheme of things.


Then third, is allowance, which is allied to trust, but subtly different. Allowance is the ability to respond with generosity and understanding to situations and people, so that freedom is fostered around you. Both allowance and trust create fertile grounds for unlimitedness, and they are the death knell for limitation. If you are open, trusting and allowing, your new visions of reality will fall on fertile grounds, and your blindfolds will continue to unravel.

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