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Lamborghini Bodhisattva

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Today I saw one!

In front of my car was a very long low black one and to our right, waiting as we were to enter another road, was a utility with a trailer. The trailer had a cage around it and the doors had been tied closed with string, which was broken, so the lefthand cage door was swinging wide open. The trailer was loaded with cement blocks piled high. Had any fallen out they could have caused all sorts of havoc.

The driver in front of me made various imaginative urgent hand signals out of his window, to get the ute driver to unwind his window, in order to tell him about the open cage. Once done, he roared off at speed in an ecstasy of low-slung power.

I found myself laughing and I couldn’t work out why for a while. Then I realized he had held himself back from his enjoyment of speed for the sake of enlightening his neighbour, just as a bodhisattva denies herself the enjoyments of the fruits of enlightenment, until everyone

else is enlightened.

A true Lamborghini bodhisattva!

(Apologies to any serious Buddhists out there!)

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