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Our Magical Reality

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

You’ve probably noticed that what you think about tends to be what appears in your world. Consider buying a red car and you will suddenly notice just how many red cars there are (very few here these days actually - they nearly all seem, black, white or shades of silver/grey - but that’s another story!) Think about injustice or corruption, and you will see it all over. Look for beauty and you will find it even in ugliness.

We each carry our own version of reality around with us. And what we choose to ingest, by way of verbal, auditory and visual images, will flavour our mental landscape. According to mainstream media, social media and TV, the world and humanity are a certain way. And currently, it’s not too pretty. If we switch off all of those for a few months, we often find our internal landscape morphs into a different shape and we notice things around us that feed us quite different tunes and a higher frequency.

One of my aims in writing my latest book, The Other Side of the Looking Glass,  is to illustrate, through true stories, the magical and multi-dimensional nature of our lives – the fact that the constraints we are led to believe in need not hold true. Here is a quote from the preface:

‘The aim of this book is to express the absolute magic and infinite possibility in life. Life is not bound by the rules we are taught. These teachings create the  mindsets which birth boundaries and limitations, and the actions which arise from them. This book aims to set free those mindsets.

These pages contain a bouquet of experiences and thoughts, scented with poetry, intuitive writing and quotes.

Many of my experiences seemed to me unusual and inexplicable. However my wish is that in reading about them you, the reader, will be reminded of experiences of your own and of the mystery inherent in them.’

Here is one such story for you from the book:

Who Dunnit?  Another Mystery

The old man who had sold me my house had described how he used to fish in the dam up the road for carp, which he would dig into his vegetable garden. I aimed to grow vegetables too, and he asked me what I would like him to plant for my use.  

After I moved in, the vegetable patch appeared to consist only of bare soil. I naturally assumed in the busyness of moving Alex had forgotten his promise to plant vegetables for me. At the time we were at the tail end of a 12 year drought and any unwatered garden was bone dry. Yet each morning for about ten days I found a strip of that bare earth had been watered! Alex could not have sneaked back nightly to water, as he was now living over a thousand kilometres away in Queensland. 

After the tenth day, tiny green seedlings began to emerge - a row of carrots and one of spinach! So Alex had fulfilled his promise! But who had been watering? I was again thrown into confusion. Was it the angels I sometimes worked with? Was it earthbound souls I had helped? Was it Pan himself or his nature spirits? My ET friends?

Or even Peter from beyond? At times like this my dowsing and channeling were opaque. I had to manage my own mysteries without their aid. At the time of writing, I still have no idea how that soil was watered.

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